Conference and Forum,

October 18, 2012

Willbrook Platinum Convention Center,
Bucharest, Romania

Peter A. Blackwell

Managing Director, 4 Thought

Peter is now Managing Director at 4thought Marketing Consultants a firm that helps organizations with the practice of putting the Brand first – establishing a clear, compelling Brand Purpose followed by processes & policies that align, guide and inspire everyone in the company to deliver consistent, on-Brand, superior customer experiences at every single touchpoint – always!

Peter started his career in Brand Management at Adams Confectionery he oversaw brands like Trident Gum and Halls Cough Drops – each $50mil brands in Canada, interfacing with teams in Mexico, Brazil and Japan.

He then served as Director of Corporate Strategy for Kraft’s $3 bil Canadian business after which he spent five years as VP Marketing for Canadian Tire – a 90 year old, $7billion Mass Merchandising Retail icon and Canada’s most beloved retail brand. Peter was responsible for a budget of $400 mil in Marketing spend, including a team of 130+ marketing colleagues working with  over 20 agencies.

When it comes to true Canadian identity, Canadian Tire is a close to being Canadian as maple syrup and Hockey. Peter accomplished significant milestones in a retail giant with over 500 stores across the country where 92% of the population is within a 15 minute drive to the nearest Canadian Tire store.

Peter is passionate about branding and at Canadian Tire he ensured that the Brand was the sum of all parts and the fiber that crosses the whole company.

In his Keynote he will talk about Unlocking The Full Power Of Your Brand and will bring case studies in three areas:

1)      Changing how you think of a brand and putting Brand First in your business

2)      The power of Brand Clarity

3)      How to tell if your Brand is truly the heart & soul of your business

For his workshop addressing FMCG and retail professionals, Peter will discuss two topics:

1)      Canada’s 2nd wave of e-commerce. Learn from a North American context and examples and leapfrog to e-commerce Wave 2.

2)      Securing customer relationships from the very first purchase.

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