Conference and Forum,

October 18, 2012

Willbrook Platinum Convention Center,
Bucharest, Romania

Michael Ruckman

Founder, President and CEO, Senteo

During his career, Michael has worked both as a banker and as a consultant for retail banks in more than 30 countries around the world. He has delivered a variety of successful projects ranging from business strategy to the launch of fully transformed retail institutions.

Michael is known for his experience in retail bank management, distribution network development, alternative channel rollouts, sales development, alliances and ventures, systems implementation, and corporate culture development.

His work portfolio includes large-scale projects for brands such as Abbey National, Alfa-Bank, Atlantico (Millennium BCP), Banco Venezolano, BNP-Paribas, Citibank, ING, Vneshtorgbank, Bank Menatep SPb, Nadra Bank and many others.

Michael completed his studies at the University of San Francisco and is fluent in Russian, Spanish and Czech, in addition to his native English.

Combining Big 4 experience with an entrepreneurial flair, Michael presents a framework for building mutually beneficial relationships with customers. Although using a banking approach first, Michael’s holistic approach to reaching out to customers and securing relationships can apply to other industries as well such as telecoms.

His arsenal for securing relationships with clients includes achievements in the areas of:

1)      Organizational structure enhancements,

2)      Realignment of customer segmentation approach,

3)      Product offering re-design and launch,

4)      Sales and service culture development,

5)      Development of new alternative channels

6)      Customer loyalty program development,

7)      Partnerships and alliances,

8)      New service standards,

9)      Restructuring and launching new style of marketing and communications, brand re-positioning, and much more.

10)   Re-structuring and re-formatting of the retail network, including new re-designed retail branches,

11)   Operational process improvements inside bank branches,

12)   Staff training

VIDEO  I  Leaders in Marketing
Short preview of Michael Ruckman’s presentation. Meet Senteo’s CEO to learn about the relationship- centric bank and how bankers can build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

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