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October 18, 2012

Willbrook Platinum Convention Center,
Bucharest, Romania


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Latest Trends in 2012 Digital Year

presented by  Mindshare

This white paper is a collection of Original Point of Views from Mindshare Digital. Find the latest trends on:

  • Microsoft & Skype
  • Blippar
  • Twitter Interest Based Targeting
  • iPhone 5: The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone?
  • Google Comparison Ads
  • Shazam for TV
  • Amazon and Advertising



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Cloud Marketing

Original thinking by Norm Johnson
presented by  Mindshare

The Cloud is a term coined to describe a future Internet that acts as a repository for all data, content and applications and is accessible from anywhere and from anything. This booklet provides you with some insight into what we think will be the key implications for marketers. We’ve identified five key Cloud Marketing trends, which are explained in the following pages.

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Going for Growth

Generating Top Line Revenues with Marketing
by Paul J.R Renaud

This white paper will re-energize and put Marketing back its place where it belongs: Creating Top Line Revenues and meeting needs profitably.  As a marketer, you will learn:

* How to generate substantial revenues from Marketing
* How to determine if you are reaching the right targets
* How to know if your Marketing initiatives are justified
* How to avoid 5 areas called “land mines” and to be vigilant when the goal is to create Top Line Revenues with Marketing


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The 5Th Way

Enabling Top Line Revenues Through Integrated Customer Segmentation
by Paul Garrison

Find out from Integrated Customer Segmentation”:

* 4 types of customer segmentation, with advantages and shortcomings
* How an MTV reality show inspired the most innovative segmentation strategy
* How to build upon best practices
* How to combine the unique benefits of segmentation
* How to create a fuller picture of your brand, competitors and customers
* Practical case studies  of Integrated Customer Segmentation.


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