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October 18, 2012

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Lately, the first gut reaction when it came to Marketing was to cut expenses, slash budgets and ‘hope for the best’. Wiser companies took advantage of a recession, did the opposite and invested more in Marketing since they knew from the last financial crisis that most people will do just that – cut Marketing. As a result there was no better time to invest into Marketing since this catapulted those #2 or #3 players in the first spot when the dust cleared.

Instead of taking a ‘cutting’ approach, this white paper wants to re-energize and put Marketing back where it belongs: Creating Top Line Revenues and meeting needs profitably.

As a marketer, if you plan well, organize and avoid some common pitfalls one can really generate substantial revenues from Marketing which is the purpose of this white paper. You will enjoy this document if you are a seasoned marketer since the topics are common sense, back-to-basics in nature.

If you are not a marketer or rather a Marketing enthusiast, you can use this document as a check list for all their right questions to ask your Marketing peers. Sometimes asking the right question is all that’s needed. Sometimes it pays off to ask basic questions such as:

Who is the customer ?
Are we reaching the right targets ?
How do we know if our Marketing initiatives are justified?

This whitepaper will explore 5 areas called land mines, areas to avoid and to be vigilant when the goal is to create Top Line Revenues with Marketing:

Land mine #1 Marketing…Sales…what’s the difference?
Land mine #2 Customer Experience-are we ‘In Synch’?
Land mine #3 Dealing with apathy. How Branding can instill a killer instinct
Land mine #4 Of course the campaign is integrated…
Land mine #5 We’ll measure it later

To download this resource, go here and fill in the blanks with your name and email. After confirmation, you will receive the .pdf by email. Enjoy!

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