Conference and Forum,

October 18, 2012

Willbrook Platinum Convention Center,
Bucharest, Romania

Contact Us

Oana Molodoi, Managing Partner, Linked Events

Telephone: +40 720 222 247

Paul Renaud, Head Coach, Renaud

Telephone: +40 743 180 012

Who’s behind this

Oana Molodoi
Managing Partner at Linked Events and Sales; Events Strategist for Business Review.
Oana holds an Executive MBA at CEU and a Master in Human Resources. Her background includes expertise in Media Advertising, Publishing and Events organizing.

Oana has been actively involved over the last 7 years in more than 90 events: from big International Investment Forums and B2B industry related events to conferences featuring international key note speakers such as Tom Peters, Jeffrey Gitomer, Edward de Bono, Jay Conrad Levinson. The clients portfolio features world class organizations such as: Vodafone, Orange, Microsoft, Xerox, Ericsson, Raiffeisen Bank, BCR, 3M, PWC, P&G etc

Paul Renaud
Head Coach, Renaud Investments and Marketing Professor at Maastricht School of Management.
Paul is a leading Business Coach in the areas of Marketing and Strategy having undertaken assignments in 10 countries. Included Connex (Vodafone) and Romtelecom in Romania.

With over 25 years’ experience Renaud has provided coaching to organizations such as Orange, Vodafone, GE Capital, Toyota, IDC research, Pyramid Research, Romtelecom, Bell Canada, Impact, Ampro, Global Music Management (Inna) and Style and Nature. For over 5 years Renaud has organized dynamic and exciting events in business, charitable organizations and fashion shows both in Romania and abroad.

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